A group psychotherapy practice offering depression treatment in Toronto

We are a group of Toronto psychotherapists working together to provide depression treatment as well as treatment for other concerns for our clients in the GTA. We have training and experience that enables us to work with an in-depth understanding of the mind and individual development. Our goal is to get to know our clients as individuals and to form an individualized depression treatment plan that addresses root causes of their depression.

Our therapists work together in the course of our intake process and throughout treatment in order to provide effective and individualized treatment for our clients.

Many people experience depression. Common symptoms of depression include sadness, decreased or increased appetite, low mood, decreased or increased sleep, fatigue or low energy, poor self-image, difficulty concentrating or making decisions, guilt, or feelings of hopelessness. Learn more about depression and its treatment.

Options for depression treatment in Toronto

Depression treatment in Toronto is offered in private psychotherapy practices, such as ours, as well as through hospital psychiatric outpatient programs. Clients pay for treatment at a private practice, but unlike hospitals, they will generally face less of a wait time. There may also be more treatment options available through a private practice than through a hospital, and may prefer the setting of a private office. A private practice can be more flexible in some ways, including by offering various forms of psychotherapy not available through publicly funded programs.

Depression treatment Toronto: fees and coverage

Depression treatment is not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) for non-physician psychotherapists, so clients pay out-of-pocket. Clients may be eligible for reimbursement of some psychotherapy fees from extended health plans, but should check ahead of time see whether their plan will cover our services.

Our fees for depression treatment are within the range of psychotherapy services in the GTA. We reserve some reduced fee/sliding scale places for clients who would currently struggle to pay the regular fee.

Referrals for depression treatment in Toronto

We aim to minimize the wait for new Toronto clients seeking depression treatment. We contact self-referring clients by phone to discuss treatment options as soon as possible after we receive a self-referral. Our goal is to arrange an initial in-person meeting within 1-2 weeks.

We also liaise with general practitioners and psychiatrists in the Greater Toronto Area, and are currently accepting referrals. We provide individualized short- and long-term psychotherapy that is grounded in ongoing research in the psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioural traditions. We work collaboratively with physicians to meet the needs of patients, and we commonly see patients taking psychotropic medications.

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