What is the difference between a Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Psychologist/Psychological Associate, Registered Social Worker, and a psychiatrist?

Clinicians with any of these types of designation can provide a range of psychotherapy services.

One difference is that each type of clinician belongs to a different College. A Registered Psychotherapist (which is the designation of most Toronto psychotherapists affiliated with The Psychotherapy Practice) has met requirements for admission of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. These psychotherapists have an “RP” designation.

Psychologists and psychiatrists also offer psychotherapy. These practitioners may conduct psychotherapy within a framework which includes a formal diagnosis of the patient’s suspected mental disorder (in North America, this usually involves employing the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders [DSM]). Psychiatrists, as physicians, may prescribe psychotropic medications to their patients.


Is my information kept confidential?

As outlined by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), confidentiality is a cornerstone of psychotherapy, and is required given the sensitive personal information that patients disclose. Strict standards of confidentiality are adhered to. With the few rare exceptions outlined by the CRPO, patients can expect that psychotherapy treatment remains confidential.


Do you prescribe medications?

The Toronto psychotherapists affiliated with The Psychotherapy Practice not prescribe medications. Patients who wish to discuss medications should speak with a physician (such as their general practitioner).


Is psychotherapy in Toronto covered by OHIP?

The psychotherapy services of our affiliated psychotherapists are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), which means that patients pay out-of-pocket. This is standard in Toronto and the rest of the province for non-physician psychotherapists. Clients may be eligible for reimbursement of some psychotherapy fees from extended health plans, but should check ahead of time see whether their plan will cover their psychotherapist’s services.

Therapy may be viewed as an investment in oneself, and engaging in thorough therapeutic processes that last beyond a few sessions almost always requires some financial investment.


Do I need a referral from a physician?

It is not necessary to be referred by a physician to see one of our affiliated Toronto psychotherapists. However, physicians may refer patients to us.


Do you offer after hours appointments?

Yes, the majority of our Toronto psychotherapists offer some after hours appointments in the evening time.


What is The Psychotherapy Practice?

The Psychotherapy Practice brings together a group of psychotherapists, each whom is a clinician who works as an independent private practitioner. We collaborate to further clinical, research, and educational aims, particularly relating to the advancement of psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.


What if I have further questions about your services?

Please leave us a confidential voice message (647) 230-5416 or send us an email and one of our affiliated Toronto psychotherapists will aim to respond within two business days.